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Westmorland Villages

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Armstrong, Tweddle, Woof and Sowerby were notorious robbers and burglars around Penrith around 1818. Well worth a read!!

A History of Wesleyans and Methodism in Penrith and District

Dodding Green a History by "Sister Agnes" and a photo of the chapel

  The "Path to London" by Mavis Price. A History of the Bellas family touching on several villages in the Appleby area and many families.

Interesting information on Papists and Other Dissenters from around 1650 giving names and "crimes" as well as the offers made for their land.

Events of the 18th Century in Penrith and District, taken from "A History of Penrith" by Ewanian.

The Scots Raids and wars and the building of Penrith Castle.. taken from "A History of Penrith" by Ewanian.

"Later Events of the 19th century" in Penrith and District 7,500 words of really newsworthy material. Lots of people and places and events mentioned taken from "A History of Penrith" by Ewanian.

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Westmorland Villages


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